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My name is Nick Derkowski and I am the sole proprietor/operator of TrailHead Coffee. Everyone deserves a good cup of coffee and to feel good about the coffee they're drinking.

TrailHead was made as a combination of the two things I am most passionate about. Simply put I love nature and I love coffee. This passion drives me to ensure the freshest, highest quality, coffee reaches you when we ship it out the door. Every road trip, gorgeous hike up a mountain, or a productive day at work has begun, for me, with coffee.

Coffee is the thread that runs through my experiences tying them together. Coffee also gives us a place, an event, a platform to gather around and share these experiences with one another. It can be a morning ritual, a social activity, and a way to get to know others on a deeper, personal level that we may not take the time to in our normal day-to-day.

Honoring brevity, and not waxing poetic too long about the wonders of coffee I encourage you to check out my blog or if you're looking for a good coffee, the online store.

trailhead owner operator

Snapshot of me


I work full time as a Registered Nurse in the state of Wisconsin


I have been to 44 states in the US, Canada, Mexico, Belize, and Japan

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I am engaged to my beautiful fiance, and have two dogs, and three cats!

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