TrailHead Coffee Nicaragua freeshipping - TrailHead Coffee
TrailHead Coffee Nicaragua freeshipping - TrailHead Coffee
TrailHead Coffee Nicaragua freeshipping - TrailHead Coffee
TrailHead Coffee Nicaragua freeshipping - TrailHead Coffee

TrailHead Coffee - Single Origin - Nicaragua

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Single Origin Nicaragua

Tasting Profile: Cocoa, Floral, and Citrus 

Roast: Medium

Rich, complex, delicious, are some words that might be used to describe this top-notch, single origin coffee.  Grown in ideal volcanic loam soil and high-altitude hills makes for a dense, flavorful coffee bean that fills your house with its amazing aroma when ground and brewed. 

Due to these growth factors and the expert care our small family farmers are able to give each and every plant of this single origin Nicaraguan Coffee it has been given high praise from coffee enthusiasts all over the world. Coffee is Nicaragua's largest export, not only providing proof that these guys know how to nurture and care for a coffee plant to produce an amazing cup of coffee, but also providing an economic backbone for much or the rural population.

We support these small rural farmers by doing our best to stick with the same farms year-to-year.  This ensures we keep a high-quality coffee but also ensures the farmers we work with receive a stable income.  Zooming out a little further it means the community can count on a certain income allowing them to enrich their community with less risk.

Coffee was introduced to the region at the end of the 18th century, also known as the "Century of Lights", due to the spread of new ideas and beliefs throughout cultures.  The spread of coffee farming and the ideal techniques were ripe in Nicaragua at this time.  Leading to our farmers have a long lineage of taking the coffee crop from a small seedling to a bountiful bean-producing flavor beast of a plant that will tingle your tastebuds with every sip.  I am sure you will enjoy this coffee!

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The beauty of buying coffee from us as opposed to other places, or even your local café, is that we are able to roast the coffee fresh right before we ship it to you. Ensuring you receive the highest quality, freshest, and most flavorful roasts possible!

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