TrailHead Coffee - Komodo Blend
TrailHead Coffee - Komodo Blend
TrailHead Coffee - Komodo Blend
TrailHead Coffee - Komodo Blend

TrailHead Coffee - Komodo Blend

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Cowboy Blend Coffee

Tasting Notes: Cocoa, caramel, & vanilla tones

Roast: Dark & Medium Blend

A traveler needs a good coffee blend for waking up before a day's travel or to continue on their adventure throughout the day. Whether you're a captain sailing the seas or a cowboy riding horseback through the great plains of the America's this coffee will be the perfect companion for your travels.  

The Komodo Islands are one of the thousands of islands in the Indonesia region.  Drawing the attention of everyone when reports in the early 20th century came back that described, what people imagined, a dragon would look like.  People were enthralled by such tales and flocked to visit the island to see this mythical creature.  Of course, we are talking about the Komodo Dragon.  This blend is named Komodo due to how excitingly unique this blend of beans is.  The flavor will spark an exciting discovery for anyone who drinks this wonderful blend.

With both dark and medium roast beans mixed into this blend, you will find a unique coffee with light vanilla tones of a medium roast combined with the roasty boldness of a dark roast.  This coffee is the best of both worlds.

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