The Greatest Discovery of Man: Coffee

Did Caesar of Rome drink coffee?  Maybe if he did Rome would have gotten built in a day.  The earliest direct evidence of coffee comes from the 15th century where it was used amount African populations as a stimulant.  Africa is also where the coffee plan originates so this adds up.


Actually Discovered Coffee

That little guy up there?  He actually was the goat that discovered coffee, pretty neat.

An account of a 9th-century Ethiopian goatherder discovering coffee after seeing how amped up his goats got was written in 1671.  Due to the large gap in time, it is believed this story isn't a factual recounting, but an imagined possibility.  The first verifiable account of drinking coffee is found in Yemen.  Here is where we know the first coffee beans were roasted and brewed like we do today.

Although written history and the history of man are a magnitude of difference.  Just because something wasn't written doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Maybe the dinosaurs had their own method of brewing coffee.  Although poor short armed T-Rex could never get his cup to his mouth :(.  

Thankfully evolution has left us with arms long enough to drink our coffee comfortably.  Coffee has a deep history in culture after its discovery and it quickly spread across Europe and beyond becoming one of the most popular drinks worldwide.  From, a small plant, possibly enjoyed by local African Tribes, to shipped across oceans, planted in front of mountains, rivers, and jungles.

This amazing beverage has captivated people throughout the ages, just like other natural monuments around the globe.


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