What is the Best Coffee Brewing Method?

What is the Best Way to Make Coffee?

When you wake up, get that first morning stretch as you climb out of bed towards the kitchen to make yourself a fashionable, and delicious, coffee how do you do it?  There are a few different beaten paths to go down on the hike to your cup.

Coffee Cream BEst

Should you throw a filter in the machine, press the button, and go?  Or would it be better to boil up some water in the tea kettle and prewet your unbleached Japanese paper filter?

There are a few different styles, let's take a short look.

 Coffee Begin cup

  • The Tried and True - There's nothing wrong with making your coffee in a Mr. Coffee you bought 20 years ago that is still somehow chugging along. You put in the preground beans, some tap water, and away you go.  This will get you coffee, and that quick sip of caffeine before you jet off to work.
  • The Dabbler - You got yourself a Hairio V60, and you've microwaved your water to a boil.  Maybe you ground up your beans, maybe you didn't.  Taking a bit more time to allow your coffee to bloom with this pour-over method adds that personal touch.  You're able to watch as the nitrogen releases from your steeping brew, you can see the steam that lofts those aromas to your sniffer.  This method will create a flavorful cup with a little investment.  Not a bad choice either.
  • The Wizard -. You've weighed your coffee that was hand roasted the day before.  Carefully the beans are placed into the yawning mouth of the ceramic burr grinder.  You tap the sides, making sure all the coffee dust that clung to the sides will make it into your prepared filter of choice.  As the beans were being readied the electric tea kettle boiled the carefully measured water with a quickness unknown to Mr. Coffee.  Slowly you tip the kettle as the water smoothly billows and fills the glass which contains filter and bean.  You watch the bubbles collect into a thick foam, chasing the dark patches with your boiling protocoffee that flows from the swan-necked kettle.  A minute goes by, you swirl the glass contraption, evenly steeping the ground slurry with exacting precision.  You pour the last of the water, it's drips and drops through the small opening, making a frothy, foamy, and full-bodied cup of glory.

I might have gotten a little carried away, maybe Im just getting tired, could go for a cuppa. These are just some of the ways to make your coffee.  I'll list some methods here in a more concise way: 

  1. Mr. Coffee
  2. Pour Over
  3. French Press (which I didn't go into)
  4. Percolator
  5. Vacuum Siphon (For those of you feeling extra frisky)
  6. Aero Press (Kinda like a french press but different)

If your looking for some different flavors check out the different ways to brew coffee.  I know this post wasn't super informative, but hopefully, it was a bit entertaining.  At the end of the day if your putting french vanilla creamer into your coffee you might not notice too much, but even then you will get a more full-bodied cup of coffee brewing it in one of these alternative ways. 

Dark Coffee cup

There really isn't a best method, the best method is what you have the motivation or interest in doing first thing in the morning or as a treat for yourself throughout the day.  That's the beauty of coffee!

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