The Top 5 Tools for Delicious Pour Over Coffee

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You make your way down a staircase, you push a heavy, stained with age, oak door, opening before you aromas of chocolate, cherry, and citrus come floating invisibly through the crack. 

The smells are friendly, cozy, and welcoming, shoulders relaxing you step in.  Standing now, in a dimly lit room, facing a kind-faced fellow you scan the menu. Ahh yes, a, you see what you want, a pour-over. Smiling and complimenting your choice you watch as he swirls the long, delicate neck on the kettle, carefully streaming steaming water down into the yawning mouth of the dripper. 

The deliciousness is yours as it's placed on the counter, with just enough room for cream.

What's the best?

It's on the menu of every coffee house, but is it something you can learn to do at home?  Of course!

There are a few things to consider when buying, the first and most obvious is what you're willing to spend. 

Next, what kind of material do you want to work with, there can be glass, ceramic, and plastic.  After that, is how much coffee do you want to be able to make in one go?  Some make enough for one cup others can make multiple cups.

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Hario Review

The Hario is the classic pour over drip filter. I am a huge coffee fanatic and I have a variety of coffee making methods: Moka pot, Aeropress, Clever Dropper, Nespresso machine, Espro cafetiere and I always come back to the V60. 

Kalita Wave Review

Makes super coffee.

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