The Secret to the Best Coffee: The Absolute Best Water-to-Coffee Ratio

Secret to the Best Coffee


Making coffee can be as easy as scooping ground coffee from your favorite roaster, placing it in your automatic coffee maker, and waiting for that sweet, dark nectar to drip down through the filter. That's what coffee is for a lot of people, and for a lot of people just starting to drink coffee this may be the pinnacle of experience. Although coffee can also be a finely tuned art. That's why we are going to take a closer look at the ideal water to coffee ratio in this article so you can start making the best coffee around. So, let's get started!

coffee pour over beans

The importance of the water to coffee ratio is a topic that often gets lost. Sure, we all know that the more water you put in your cup the less strong the flavor will be, but how do you figure out what's right for you? There are tons of theories on this subject and not many answers!

Water-to-Coffee Ratio: Some people might tell you 1g for 34g of water, and it’s a good place to start...if you like a weak, dull brew. But this isn't the only formula out there! A lot of baristas agree that 1g for every 17g of water. From my personal experience, the latter makes a much better cup of coffee. So the golden ratio for Coffee to Water is 1:17 or about 5.8% coffee. That is, 1g of coffee for every 17g of water. So for a 12 oz. cup of coffee you would have 340g of water, needing 20g of coffee.

But what if we make our coffee with that ratio and don't like it? The good news is, if you are brewing your own coffee, you can change any part of the process along the way to make that cup your own personalized drink. Want a stronger brew? Lower the ratio, some people prefer 1:15, or even 1:12.

Another issue we are going to run into making these hard and fast rules for coffee brewing is not appreciating the inherent difference in coffee origins, roasts, grind size, and what brewing method is being used to make the coffee to name some.

Here are a few examples we have found that you may want to change your ratios for.

AeroPress 1:15/16 or 6%- You may find that this extracts coffee very well, and you might need to use fewer beans to achieve your desired coffee strength.

Chemex/Traditional Pour-Over 1:12/13 or 8% - This one you may want to pump up the number of beans you use. There's a little more variance in the brewing technique, so if you don't have your pour-over perfected try to standardize that process so you know if it's the beans or your technique/strategy.

chemex coffee brew

French Press 1:14 or 7% - We find this usually lies in between AeroPress and Chemex levels.

Honestly, these are just rough starting points for each type of brewer you use. You may find you like more or less, or even completely disagree with the levels I have mentioned above, and that's ok! That's the beauty of making your own cup to enjoy for yourself you can find discover over trial and error what makes the best cup of coffee for you. It is a personal choice!


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