Quick Tips for Brewing a Perfect Pour Over Coffee

We figured you might need some tips to go start your pour-over journey. Pour-over coffee is a fantastic way to brew an amazing cup of coffee. Percolators, drip machines, and French-presses will get the job done, but there's something truly magical about the pour-over that will take your cup of coffee to the next level. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help you master this process.

Pour-over drippers take many different forms, so we will try to give you tips that will help will all types.

1. Use a medium-coarse grind. Your coffee shouldn't look like a powder, it should almost look like pop rocks (does that candy still exist?  Halloween just happened and I didn't see any.). I'll post a picture below if that doesn't ring any bells. This grind will ensure a proper extraction when you pour your water in.

Medium-coarse grind coffee pour over

2. Prewet your filter - Before you even place your ground beans into the filter use some of the hot water to prewet your filter. This will rinse out any residue or residual flavors that may be lingering in the paper used to make the filter. Dump this water out once it drains through.

3. Make sure you're bloomin' - Now, place your wet filter, and medium-coarse ground beans into the dripper. STOP, don't just dump that water in, what are you doing, oh my gosh Mr. Coffee would be rolling in his grave right now. Before you pour the water to fill the dripper you want to pour just enough to wet your grinds. Once you wet them, if your coffee isn't old, you should get some nice foam and bubbles forming on top. Let this thing of beauty sit for about 30-45 seconds. Here's a picture of coffee blooming:

4. The Golden Ratio - A widely used rule of thumb is 17:1, which means 17g of water to 1g of ground beans. Of course, you can adjust this to your own personal taste. More beans will mean more flavor, but don't forget that means acidic and bitter flavors too!

Pour over coffee cup

5. Weight Watchers - To go along with the last point, use a scale. Not only to weigh your beans, but to weigh your water, and most importantly to weigh the amount of water you have poured into your dripper while brewing. Usually, there are a couple pour or a constant pour of water while brewing a pour-over. Set your coffee cup on the scale after you have weighed your beans. Watch the weight as you pour in your water, it doesn't have to be perfect, but try to keep it close to the ratio we talked about in the last tip.

There you go! 5 modica of knowledge closer to brewing your ideal pour-over coffee. I hope this helped you make a great cup of coffee!


We recommend our SINGLE ORIGIN coffees for pour-overs, especially our TANZANIANdue to its bright, fruity notes that will be brought out by the pour-over.



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