Quick Tips for a Better Coffee Brew

Tips for Better Coffee

Coffee Bean

  1. Make sure your water is boiling -  Coffee ain't like that little wimpy green tea.  It needs the hottest water to achieve full extraction.  A good starting point is right at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, although if you want to play around with this to really dial in that flavor it is worth experimenting with it a little.
  2. Check the consistency of your grind -  Pour over, french press, automatic, they all use different grind sizes.  If you're not getting the cup you want to play around with this.  Sometimes it pays to spend a little more on a quality grinder to make sure you are getting a consistent, exact, grind to go with your coffee roaster of choice.
  3. Is your coffee fresh? - Make sure your coffee is fresh, there should be bubbles while brewing, and if you're lucky a little foam at the end.  Those bubbles are gas escaping the ground beans.  If there is no gas escaping it means your beans have sat for too long and most likely the best flavor has left. Here at TrailHead we roast the beans right before shipping so you don't have to worry about freshness.
  4. Check your timing.  - Are you steeping too long?  Or too short?  Is your water ground slurry clogging your drip?  Timing can be everything when it comes to making a good cup.  This one is a little hard to control, usually, it is paired with the grind size, but if you notice that your water is taking a long time to get into the pot it might mean you need to clean your brewer or try a different filter.
  5. How do you take it? -  One sugar, two?  Cream or no?  A lot of people are purists, but drink your coffee how you want it.  This one is less of a tip, and more of a suggestion.  A lot of people give other people a hard time for how they drink their coffee.  Oh too much sugar, too much cream, you should drink it this way.  Blah blah blah.  Drink your coffee how you like, its meant to be enjoyed not dictated!

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I hope this list helped you improve your brew.  I very much want to share the experience of good, fresh coffee with everyone who visits my website.  That is why we provide the best coffee, roasted only when you order, so it comes fresh and full of all the best flavor coffee can have.  I will not settle for coffee that has sat on a grocery store shelf for months, and I don't want you to either.  If you want a good blend to get you going in the morning check out our Breakfast blend.  Or if you are more into single origins the Columbian is absolutely bursting with flavors of citrus and berries!  I will link my favorites for anyone to try whether it be a holiday gift or a treat for yourself!

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