Five Ideas to Spice up your Espresso

Tired of JUST espresso?

Calling all espresso lovers

I love espresso so I'm calling all coffee lovers to try something new.  The tasty concentrated goodness that comes in that little glass.  A veritable coffee kick right in the mouth. Coffee is a part of my everyday routine, and if I can get it espresso is too.  Whether you're just waking up in the morning or sitting at a café sipping on your favorite hot beverage give one of these interesting twists on espresso a try the next time you have the chance.

Nevertheless, it is not too popular around my parts just by itself so I wanted to share some ideas on how to get a little more out of your espresso if you are interested in trying a bit more of it.

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Kaffee Glas Latte Milchkaffee Cafe Macchiato Lecker

Short Macchiato

espresso with foamed milk on top

A nice simple, delicious, take on espresso.  Easy to make, just add milk foam on top of the espresso.  The milk foam adds a nice airiness and smoothness you wouldn't otherwise get with just straight espresso.

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Espresso Con Panna

Even Better than the last

Another one that's easy to make, don't mistake the ease of making it with lack of flavor or enjoyment though.  This little creamy espresso shot is quite the treat! 

An Espresso Con Panna is traditionally espresso with cream on top!  Pretty neat huh?

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Have you ever heard of it?

I'm not sure if I should even put this one on here because I'm pretty sure this is the most popular espresso drink at any coffee shop.  Anywhos, a Latte is an espresso topped with steamed milk and milk foam and it's pretty darn good!

Coffee Images Latte Flatwhite Latteart


Decadent deliciousnes

The best espresso drink according to me. Grand espresso flavor with tons of smooth buttery cream to follow.  

Take half espresso, and mix it with half cream or you can even use cream foam.

Coffee Cup Espresso Drink Beverage


You thought espresso was strong

Ok, its just espresso, but more concentrated.  More goodness in one little sip.  So if you like espresso-like me this is just espresso but more espresso-y. Just go drink some espresso and try to enjoy it.

Instead of 30ml of espresso this is concentrated down to 23ml

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