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Don't Fall In

Fall is coming, or if you're from around here it has already landed.  The leaves are doing their beautiful transition from green to gold.  All around me here in Wisconsin is turning colors, even the trees on the side of the highway are displaying a myriad of colors and shades to pleasure passerbyers.  Not only are the leaves changing but so is the weather.  I find myself drinking more hot coffee as compared to the summer when I almost exclusively drink iced coffee.  Following the changing of the leaves is the changing of the Starbucks menu.  Those seasonal drinks come...well..come only once a season.  So pull on your favorite sweater and slide your feet into some nice wooly socks and come learn how to make something warm to keep that chilliness at bay.

Maple Pecans flavor coffee

Let's look at how to make one of my favorites, a Maple Sweet Cream Iced Coffee.  Even just saying that makes my mouth water, and hopefully, after you are done here you will understand why.

Maple Syrup Coffee



2 Tbsp2% milk​

1/4 cup heavy cream

1 1/2 Tbsp maple syrup


  1. 8 ounces of Our Holiday Blend

Making the Drink

  1. Combine heavy cream, maple syrup, and milk
  2. Froth this mixture
  3. Fill cup with ice
  4. Pour in coffee
  5. Mix in your frothed Maple Cream

Wallah!  You've got yourself an at home, deliciously roasted, Maple Sweet Cream Iced Coffee, AND you made it yourself with ingredients you probably already had at home. How neat is that?  No need to go down to the coffee shop, house, bar(?), or whatever you call it!  With recopies like this, anyone can make a good cup of coffee at home while waking up in your bathrobe.  No need to spend the time driving, waiting in line, and paying the money at an expensive coffee shop to drink amazing coffee beverages.  Now you have a nice warm autumn drink to sip while watching the leaves change colors, slowly breaking their yearly commitment to the branches they hang so delicately off of.


This has been Coffee Shop Near You.  I hope you enjoyed this easy, quick, recipe for delicious coffee!


Good lookin' coffee


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