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Bringing another hot recipe to the nearest coffee shop to you also known as your home.  Today we're going to tackle the classic, the darling of sweet drinks, Cappuccino.  Is it possible to make an espresso based drink at home without thousands of dollars invested?  Are you better off driving to your nearest coffee shop to get your favorite coffee drink?  No, I don't think so, I think with some practice and a few dollars you could be making your very own delicious cappuccino at home to enjoy in your robe without having to go anywhere.


If you've messed around making espresso based drinks before you know that trying to match a coffee shop's gear is folly.  Your local coffee shop is probably using some sort of dual boiler machine that costs thousands.

So can we compete with that at home?  Does a bear poop in the woods?  You can make espresso with about $15 in investment. So what are you waiting for?!? Why deprive yourself any longer! Go check out a Moka Pot if you haven't already, it's a game-changer.  

So break out the Moka Pot brew up a swig of espresso to start. We recommend our African Espresso Blend for this part. You could also use an Aeropress, French Press, or just go spend $5000 on a professional-grade espresso maker (Invite me over if you decide on the latter option that sounds really tasty).

The next part of the espresso is warm steamed milk.  Again a coffee shop is going to have a machine that shoots pressurized steam into the milk to do this.  It's quite an investment.

Luckily we can mimic this milk at home.  The easiest way is to pop a bit of milk into the microwave, blast it until it's hot (Try not to boil it, or let it get close to boiling.  Heating milk to about 150 degrees actually makes it sweeter, once we go over that we start to lose that sweetness).

For a more exact temperature, heat your milk on the stovetop.  Next take a frothing wand, or some good ol' elbow grease and a whisk, and whip that milk into shape.

Pour together and enjoy!


There you go, I think it is perfectly doable for any level of coffee enjoyer to brew this up in their very own home without having to drive to a coffee shop near them.  If you enjoyed this I hope I will be able to provide you with more interesting recipes and articles in the rest of our blog!  Please check it out if you haven't.


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