Coffee: Is it what Plants Crave?

Coffee + Garden = Happy Plants? Are plants cooler than we thought? 


Should I be bringing my ficus plant to the coffee shop? Do you think succulents like lattes or straight espresso? These are questions I find myself asking when I think about plants benefiting from coffee.  Is there a way to be more sustainable with our daily coffee habits?

Let's start at the beginning, what is coffee? Coffee is just hot water, poured over ground coffee beans. Lucky for us water acts as a great solvent, in this case, some may even call it, "The Great Solvent", and I think in the case of brewing coffee that is fitting. It might be my favorite solvent now that I think about it...

Coffee Science Beaker Measure Water Plan

So what does this mean? Well, a solvent is something that dissolves a solvent. Kind of a circular definition there, but it takes a solid and makes it part of the water.  

If coffee does turn out to be good for plants, what in coffee is being dissolved besides caffeine? Do you know that one friend who's got the compost pile? Yea that cool friend, well he would probably tell you that coffee is a great component to add to compost. Although being brown in color, coffee, before it is roasted is green, and simply put greens contain nitrogen. Plants LOVE nitrogen and it dissolves nicely in water. Cool! We found something here!

In fact, "Nitrogen is actually considered the most important component for supporting plant growth." according to an article on The article goes on to explain nitrogen contributes to a plant's green color and allows them to complete the photosynthesis process. It also is a main component of protoplasm (I know it's close to Halloween right now, but we aren't talking ghosts here.). Protoplasm is the translucent substance inside the cell that makes up cytoplasm, nucleus, and other organelles. So, no nitrogen, no functioning cells, no photosynthesis, no life.  

Nitrogen depletion in the soil is a hot topic that any farmer worth his salt will be familiar with. If you've ever heard of crop rotating from season to season, this is one of the reasons why this is done.

Coffee Plants Applet Fruit tree

To answer the question proposed in the title, yes, coffee is good for plants. The nitrogen provided will allow them to do all the necessary plant stuff they need to do. This is especially true for fruiting plants as you will notice a difference in the health of what it produces.  

If you need some coffee to fertilize your farm, or you're just looking for some to drink check out my store by clicking this text here. We carry all sorts of good stuff that you or any plant will enjoy!



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